Studio prep

We’re just putting the finishing touches to the studio so we can get on with making some actual pottery soon.  Converting the shed/workshop attached to the house, attempting to spend £0 in the process.  The paint job – a very summery looking ‘beach hut’ theme – was dictated by the two pots of paint left in the shed by the previous owner.  

We forgot to take a photo at its worst, but here’s the ‘before’ that we remembered to take before we’d completely cleared out all of the junk.

Studio before the makeover

Studio before the makeover


The plan is to complete the whole conversion from shed to studio without spending any money.  So far so good.

At the end of day 1, the result of our toil:  

One rather beach-hut looking paint job thanks to the paint left behind by the previous owner.  

Beach Hut paintwork in progress

Beach Hut paintwork in progress

Most of the junk is gone except the old (plant) potting table in the corner, to which we’ll add a plaster top and use it as a wedging/reclaim table.


The old (plant) potting table

The old (plant) potting table


Day two, finished the painting (mainly the ceiling) and gave the outside a quick coat too.

More to come tomorrow.


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