Slow progress


It doesn’t look like it, but we made quite a bit of progress today.  Our total time spent so far is 19 hours, and our total spend is £13, because we decided to get some chalkboard paint to make a feature of a wooden panel on the wall covering a couple of holes.  We also decided to use it on part of the inside of the door, which meant we needed undercoat (hence, £13 and not £7 for the paint).


Now with added floor covering!

Now with added floor covering!



We have to keep the bikes in there, until we build a separate bike store and I think at the moment it still looks a bit like a shed and not so much like a studio, but hopefully that will change when we move in the wheel, sink, shelves, workbench, etc.

Todays jobs included finishing the floor and the skirting, painting the inside of the door, renewing the sealant on the window to hopefully stop the rain getting in and soaking the window sill, and finishing the painting of the outside.  The outside paint job was a bit tricky as we think there might be some eggs in the bird house – the great tits who hang around our garden at this time of year were going a bit ballistic when I was up the ladder doing the area round the house.  We tried to get out of their way quickly to minimise the stress, so hopefully all will be fine.

It looks VERY shed-like from the outisde, and there’s not much we can do about that, but we’re planning some custom paintwork (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘Mo’)  which will jazz it up a bit.


Not a shed

Not a shed


One of the things I’m most looking forward to about using the studio is the view we’ll have when we’re working in there.  I know it’s the same view we have from the kitchen, but I’m hoping it will inspire our work (which won’t happen in the kitchen till we plant and harvest the veggies) 🙂


Anyway, we’ve finished all the little jobs on the top half of the list that we made, which means that the next stage is moving stuff in.  Unfortunately we’re back at work Monday, so we’ll have to just do little bits in the evenings and finish off next weekend, but I’m hoping by next weekend we’ll be making stuff  🙂


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