Birthday gift

Well, first week back after a week off of work, and a lovely surprise waiting for me on my return.  Flowers, card and a lovely birthday gift (I celebrated my 40th while we were off) from my colleagues.  They weren’t sure where to get gift vouchers for ‘pottery stuff’ so they gave me cash to spend on the studio.

I spent quite a long time last night online putting together an order, including a few handbuilding tools (particularly a coiler tool that I’ve wanted since I did Jane Kelly’s summer school last year), some throwing necessities, Glaze spraying kit, glazes and, most exciting, some porcelain.  As I look through the list of goodies on my order, I’m rather pleased with everything.  Can’t wait for it to arrive and get started.  

The studio is coming together.  No photos today as the rain came down just as were moving the wheel in and we had to run for cover, but we now have our bathroom back, and the wheel, clay and tools are where they belong.  It now has everything but the kitchen sink – literally.  I’ll be moving the sink unit and the shelves next weekend and then we’re done.  By that time the clay and tools order will be here and we’ll be raring to go.


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