All work and no play…

Been busy working on the house and not had time to make it into studio lately. I did start working on a vase for a for wedding present. It’s a ‘dummie run’ in stoneware but the piece is going to be in porcelain. Now it looks like it’s going to be a 1st anniversary pressie now 😉

Not sure when I’ll get to it again as I’ve caught the painting bug – not just decorating painting this time either 😉 I’ve got three paintings to do for the house – two for the ‘snug’ room and one for the lounge. We’ve got a 5 day long weekend coming up so hopefully on the down time I’ll be able to get at least one done.

Paintings are going to be of the view from the back garden and surrounding fields. If they turn out okay I’ll post some pics 😉