Kiln & Wheel for sale

The Kiln and the Potters wheel that we’ve had stored at our friends’ farm for the last couple of years are now up on eBay.

Here are the links to theĀ Kiln

pottery kiln


and theĀ Wheel

Potter's wheel

Although our main reason for selling them now is that the barn they’re currently living in is getting re-roofed and they’ll be homeless, we’re hoping that we’ll make enough between the two of them to perhaps get a wee, slightly more portable kiln that we can use for bisque and glaze firing tiles and jewellery and other small pieces.

Fingers crossed for a successful sale!







Mo and Kath’s Big Bike Adventure!

bike helmet


We went out on our bikes today.

This might not seem like anything to write home about, but when you consider that this is the first time we’ve been on them in exactly one year, since the last MOT, and the first time for Mo since she picked hers up when she bought it, and it becomes a big deal (for us, at least). Add in the fact that it was wet (not great conditions for fair-weather motorcyclists like us) and it all stacks up to feeling rather pleased with ourselves.

Mo did great for only her second time out, and I remembered how much I love being on two wheels. This is hopefully the start of a more regular bike schedule. Just in time for the autumn weather, but how would we tell the difference from a Scottish summer anyway?

We finally got to wear our new helmets and the new bike jackets we got in Michigan on our fall trip last year. The only minor problem for me is that at the point I bought my jacket, I had been skating a LOT and since I haven’t been back to training yet, my midriff is somewhat more ermm… ‘compacted’ by the snug jacket these days. More motivation for getting back to training!

So here we are, sitting in Berits & Brown in Kippen supping fancy coffee (not looking like bikers at all) and waiting for our MOTs to be done, then we’ll be back on the road. We’re going to ride straight past the house and head into Stirling to get some more riding time in. I’d really like to have added more than 20 miles before my next MOT!

The plan for this afternoon, after our big riding adventure, is something a little more sedate. We’re selling one of our Potters wheels and our wee kiln, as their current storage home is getting a new roof and they’re being ‘evicted’ to allow the work to happen. We’re hoping to use the proceeds to get a slightly more ‘portable’ kiln in the future. I’ll post a link to the eBay listing here when it’s up.

And if we survive all that, we might settle down with some canvas (Mo) and clay (me) and create something special.