Unfinished class project

This is my Rollergirl Teacup* for the ‘something non-functional that looks functional’ project from this last session, before it got fired. My friends were all very sad to discover that this wasn’t chocolate and that at approx 8″ diameter, it’s not a useable teacup. 😀


I may need to make another spoon as this one was rather rushed. Next session maybe.

It’s been bisque fired now but I can’t decide on glaze colours, so it might be a while before I get back to this to finish it. Maybe red with white polka dots, rockabilly style? Or pink with chocolatey brown buttons in a candy theme? Or black with white polka dots? What a dilemma! In all cases the handle will be black under coat and gold finish post glaze firing.

*Rollergirl Teacup: feminine and strong with a larger than life personality 🙂


Ceramics class with Lorraine Robson

We’ve been busy bees, working on lots of lovely stuff in class as well as here.

This is the latest load picked up just before the holidays.

These little guys are from the same process as the chicks in my profile photo. Two pinch pots joined, shaped, lids cut and glazed as penguins. I have plans for a whole menagerie. 🙂


The first of my lace imprint tests; a pink ring-keeper dish, a trinket dish slightly larger in blue and a deep rose-coloured brooch.




Some lacy buttons, some chocolate buttons



More soon.


Haven’t been posting much as I’ve been busy getting involved with getting Scotland to Toronto for the Roller Derby World Cup but we’re home now and getting clayed up! (Scotland played awesomely, as we knew they would, and their 11th place doesn’t reflect the level of derby skill played by our national side. Luck of the draw… there’s always next time).

I’ve been working a lot with a new hand building process, using lace and crocheted doilies (some vintage, some newish) impressed into clay slabs. It’s been interesting picking out the patterns and finding new designs from within a pattern that look nothing like the actual doily.

My latest discovery is that one of my doilies produces an almost scale-like effect. I’ve done some test tiles with this design but will be expanding that in the future. With quite a few snake and reptile-owning friends, I have lots of inspiration.


This same process has also produced sunburst tiles that will look quite fab when they are glazed.


Lots of pretties (and a sneak peek at Mo’s latest art tile creation)!