British Animation Awards

So the time has come to share our big news. Our ceramic work is going to feature at the British Animation Awards!

We have made a few bespoke pieces that will be given as category prizes at the Awards Ceremony, to be held at the BFI (British Film Institute) in London’s South Bank in March. Here’s the British Animation Awards website; you can see part of our work on the Awards Gallery for 2012 along with a wee blurb.

It’s been so exciting (and slightly terrifying) putting together designs, then making, firing, glazing and firing again, all to a pretty tight deadline! The awards have a sheep theme (Baa… get it?) so it was a lot of fun coming up with ideas.

We made a backup plaque in case anything happened to the main one in either firing, and both turned out fine, so they’ll both be used. We had a third backup piece – one of our Eggheads in Sheep form – that we decided to hold on to until the very last firing of the main and backup pieces, just in case something failed in the firing. Didn’t want all our eggs in one basket, so to speak! Glad we didn’t have to use it, so we get to hold on to it for now. I’ve named him Russell and I’ll post his pic when he’s fired. 🙂

Here’s a wee peek at our work:

Mo and I are invited as guests to the awards night as contributing artists, and we’re really looking forward to it. A couple of our colleagues from Axis Animation will be there, so it’s bound to be good fun. There may be alcohol! :O

We’ll have plenty of pics on the night itself so we may censor and share a couple of them here.


We’ve been featured in our first Etsy Treasury

‘Easter Eggs’ by wcuster

Created for the Idaho Etsy Team Challenge, inspired by Doily Mania.

Marbled Chicken Eggs: O…


Easter Eggs


Themed Love Notes- Love…


6 Crocheted Baby Rattle…


30% SPRING SALE Easter,…


VHTF Daisy Kingdom FABE…


Easter Bright Green And…


Egghead Ceramic Egg Chi…


Nested Egg Small Oilclo…


Painted Eggs Bracelet


Bird’s Nest cell ph…


APRIL Soap Pump


Large Easter Egg Cookie…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio

Shop-tastic part 2

We decided to offer the Egghead Easter Chicks on Pre-order, so you can now get these from our MoKaPottery Etsy store.  If you’re local to us in Stirling or Glasgow, drop me a ‘convo’ on Etsy and I’ll let you have our Voucher Code for free shipping, which we’ve created for people we can hand goods over to personally.

Don’t trample me in the rush, now!  😀


We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes this week, preparing our wares and working on our business plan for the pottery. Next up is some product photography and then a mad frenzy of listing on Etsy (and Folksy possibly later on).

To get started, we’ve listed a few items on our other Etsy store – the non pottery one – at MoKa Crafts on Etsy. Just a few neck scarves for now, but our LGBT greetings cards will feature there soon, as well as any number of other crafty bits and pieces that we’ve worked on over the last year or so with the intention of taking them to craft fayres.

A photography session next this afternoon, for the glazed pottery from last week, and the bisque fired eggs that are coming out of the kiln this afternoon.

Onwards and upwards!

Chicks in Progress

Ceramic chicks in progress

I meant to post this earlier in the week, but here’s a peek at our Easter Chicks in progress. On the drying shelf for at least 2 weeks before going into the next bisque firing. Keep an eye on the store page; these will be available to purchase soon.

Glaze fire results

We had to run a couple of loads in the glaze firing this past weekend, since there was so much work queued. Here are some of the highlights.

This is my niece Kathleen’s pot for her make up brushes. She’s been visiting periodically to work on it and then patiently waiting for it to be ready for the next stage.


This is my wee box made with leftover clay. I quite like this green glaze. The photo (from my phone) doesn’t really show it that well

A few experimental pots in nice earthy tones

And some test tiles to remind us what the fired glazes look like. We need to cut and bisque fire about another 20 or so tiles for all these new glazes.

While all this firing and cooling was going on, I was busy working away on some more egg shapes for Easter Chicks.

Latest count is one of these larger ones, six medium ones and one smaller one (the size of this chick). Should have quite a stock by Easter at this rate. Coming soon to an Etsy store near you!

Glaze firing weekend

This is the weekend of truth. Will all our hard work pay off?

Here’s a pic of a shelf load from the first glaze firing in the kiln. Shelves 2 and 3 still under wraps!


And here are some of the next load waiting on the shelf, to be loaded tomorrow once the kiln has cooled and been opened (currently sitting at 600 deg C, and not to be opened till 50 deg C.) This bit is torture!


It’s always interesting using glazes. The colour of the fresh glaze seldom looks like the final fired colour. These are quite nice as they are; can’t wait to see them fired though!