Glaze fire results

We had to run a couple of loads in the glaze firing this past weekend, since there was so much work queued. Here are some of the highlights.

This is my niece Kathleen’s pot for her make up brushes. She’s been visiting periodically to work on it and then patiently waiting for it to be ready for the next stage.


This is my wee box made with leftover clay. I quite like this green glaze. The photo (from my phone) doesn’t really show it that well

A few experimental pots in nice earthy tones

And some test tiles to remind us what the fired glazes look like. We need to cut and bisque fire about another 20 or so tiles for all these new glazes.

While all this firing and cooling was going on, I was busy working away on some more egg shapes for Easter Chicks.

Latest count is one of these larger ones, six medium ones and one smaller one (the size of this chick). Should have quite a stock by Easter at this rate. Coming soon to an Etsy store near you!


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