Spent a lovely evening in the studio with my wee herd of Hielan’ Coos getting their new coats glazed on. Can’t wait to see them fired and see the actual fur brown colour on them



Tah Daaah!!


…and we’re done ๐Ÿ™‚

Some box-emptying and shelf-filling to do but other than that, we now have a studio!

Can’t wait to get in there and get making ๐Ÿ™‚

One more day…


We’ve been working really hard today in the studio. The painting is finished and the walls look much better. The floor cleaned up great and all the plaster splashes are gone and we can see through the glass doors at last! We have my big sis to thank for the last two jobs (who in their right mind ENJOYS cleaning?)


We finally got the sink back in. This was moved out in June (for a week, we thought) and has survived the wettest summer ever, almost completely intact (just a few wee chips that have rusted, but nothing major). We also got the new workbench set up with the work top that we’ve been manoeuvring around for four years in our back hall!


And don’t we have the poshest solid oak studio floor ever? ๐Ÿ™‚

A few more finishing touches tomorrow and then we can get everything moved in and have a fully working pottery studio.

It’s all coming together at last!

We’re back!

Sorry for the long silence. Lots going on in our lives and not much of it was ceramics related so nothing to post here and not much time to post it either.

We’ve been working hard on renovating our studio. We had it re-roofed and fitted reclaimed patio doors on it earlier in the summer, and we’ve just now managed to get it all boarded out inside and had a lovely (reclaimed oak) floor laid. This week we’ve been prepping the plastered walls for painting and giving it a first coat.

Studio Internal 'before'

One more coat (hopefully tomorrow night) and it’ll be ready to clear up and move everything back in over the weekend. I’m sure our neighbour will be glad to see the back of the sink unit that’s been in our back garden for the last four months!

It’s lovely and toasty in there now, so we’ll be all set for working through the winter, and once we get a vent fitted, we’ll also be able to fire the kiln in there too. Exciting times!

Aside from lots of building/decorating works, we’ve made a start on getting the ceramic stocks built back up and have been working on some new designs. Mo’s developing her range of ‘petals’ tiles and I’ve been working on some new Egghead characters. Our Hielan’ Coos are coming soon. They’re ready for glazing now and we should have them fired in a week or two. ย Here’s a sneak peek of the Coos drying, before their first trip to the kiln:



We’re also working on some festive themed eggheads, so lots of ideas for the holidays.

Before then, we’ll be part of the Little Birds Market at Sloans in Glasgow City Centre on Sunday 11th November, so be sure to put that in your diaries! We’re also looking ahead to next year and considering the Forth Valley Open Studios (now that we have a studio for people to visit) and later in the year, some other, larger scale, venues.

Little Birds Autumn.Winter 2012 Markets

We’re also now working on getting listings on to a few other online market places, including Folksy and Be sure to keep checking back for these as we progress. ย In the meantime, we’ve still got some work for sale on our Etsy store and you can find some thrown pots, tiles and a few Chicks at An Cnoc in Crieff.

Well, that’s it for now. We’ve obviously been saving up all this news – nothing for months and then loads all at once. I’ll try to update more regularly to let you know what’s going on.