Who is MoKa?

For the last decade, partners Kath Gibson and Mo Kelly have had an obsession with clay that just won’t quit, and so set up their own studio to do something about it.  Welcome to MoKa Pottery.

The studio is based in rural Stirlingshire, with a view of the Gargunnock Hills to the south and the Braes of Doune to the north and is a constant source of inspiration.

With Kath’s throwing skills and Mo’s art skills, between them they’ve got a good base to work from and a great partnership that complements each other’s strengths.

Over recent years, both have focussed on hand building but Kath is now returning to her first love of throwing on the potters wheel, which presents new challenges and opportunities to ensure they will both be making and experimenting for many years to come.



One thought on “Who is MoKa?

  1. Margaret Whitcomb says:

    Hi Kath and Mo,

    So nice to hear from you – Gary forwarded the glasgow e-mail. Very funny. I hear bits and pieces from Nan, but don’t really know much about what is going on in your lives! Sounds like fun!

    We are all doing pretty well – (no twitter – can’t teach old dog new tricks!!) Am on Facebook – that’s enough for me!

    Take care – good luck on your endeavor and keep me posted!

    Margaret (“wee margaret!”)


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