Thank You Santa!

We have a new kiln, and an impressive boost to our glaze supplies, thanks to Santa (and a day-job bonus!)

So excited (and a little bit terrified) to get started with it. 🙂

It’s a Potterycrafts Aurora kiln and an electronic Mitsco controller. Not massive at 40 litres capacity, but it has wheels and fits into our studio setup for now and totally flexible on a 13amp domestic supply. A bigger studio will allow bigger kilns in the future but this is perfectly adequate for our needs right now and we’re delighted with it.

…and here it is, all laid out to check against the delivery note. We have some gorgeous Amaco Potters’ Choice and Sahara stoneware glazes, and a selection of Terracolor engobes. Lots of experimentation and glaze tests to come.

Now we just need a name for her…