One more day…


We’ve been working really hard today in the studio. The painting is finished and the walls look much better. The floor cleaned up great and all the plaster splashes are gone and we can see through the glass doors at last! We have my big sis to thank for the last two jobs (who in their right mind ENJOYS cleaning?)


We finally got the sink back in. This was moved out in June (for a week, we thought) and has survived the wettest summer ever, almost completely intact (just a few wee chips that have rusted, but nothing major). We also got the new workbench set up with the work top that we’ve been manoeuvring around for four years in our back hall!


And don’t we have the poshest solid oak studio floor ever? 🙂

A few more finishing touches tomorrow and then we can get everything moved in and have a fully working pottery studio.

It’s all coming together at last!