New year, new pots

We’ve had quite an extended break over the holiday period. Some of it was recharging and some dealing with family stuff, but we’re back on the pottery train and raring to go.

I got myself back on my potter’s wheel this week. Last time was almost four years ago, and before that, my last bulk period of throwing was in 2004, so quite a long time. I was assured (by someone who doesn’t throw) that it was probably like riding a bike (in that they both have wheels?) and that it would all come flooding back to me.

Well, two days in the studio has produced 23 pieces of thrown work, trimmed and ready to fire. For a production potter, this would be an hour or two’s work, but I’m not that person 😉 and don’t do ‘mass produced’ anything. I’m rather pleased with this first foray back to throwing after such a long time only hand-building and I’m sure it’s the start of a long and happy reunion with my wheel.


In other news, MoKa Pottery is now signed up for the Forth Valley Open Studios event in June, where we will open the studio to the public for a 9-day stretch. It’s exciting and terrifying in equal measure but we’re really looking forward to it.


Also this year, we’ve got a few more ‘Little Birds’ markets planned as we had such a lovely time at the November one and made lots of lovely new friends and we caught up with a few old ones, including a couple I hadn’t seen in 22 years!

We may do a few other markets later in the year but our main focus will be the open studios event in the summer where we will feature lots of lovely pottery and also some of Mo’s fab paintings.

Looking forward to 2013 and all the new challenges it will bring.


The Master at Work!

I’ve long been a fan of Simon Leach’s video channel on YouTube.  He’s incredibly generous with his time and talent and shares so that we all can learn from him.  I’ve watched nearly all of his 441 video clips on YouTube, and I just came across this one today.  Not only does it show his throwing talent, but his great sense of humour!

Enjoy and, as Simon Says…  “Keep Practising!”

Caution: I Throw Things!

For the first time in two long years, on Sunday I turned the switch on my Potters wheel and started throwing. I’d prepared 4 wee balls of clay and had a 50% hit rate. First pot collapsed as I took it too thin and too far, second attempt, I threw a reasonable bowl and altered it off the wheel – ok, so it slipped coming off the wheel and decided, itself, to be oval, but it still looks nice. I shaped it slightly more to even it up and may make more alterations when it gets to leather hard to make it more deliberate. Third pot, I put my thumb through the base, and the fourth came off the wheel exactly the size and shape I hoped for and remained that way.

So, after two years, not too bad a result with just an hour’s work (with lots of faffing about before, during and after the actual throwing. I plan to get back into the studio tonight to trim and finish the leather hard pots and just potter about (pun intended). Just becuse I can. 🙂

Mo brought her sketch pad in and, with the gorgeous view for inspiration, drew out a couple of tile designs. We both have so many ideas of things we want to try. We’ve had two years of planning time!

The workbench is actually a couple of Ikea trestles that we bought in 2005 and then didn’t have space for a bench so didn’t build them, so it was good to finally see them in position and being used for their proper purpose. When extended up to their full height, they made a good high level workbench. Just need a couple of stools now so that we don’t need to keep pinching the kitchen stools.

Freecycle, here we come!